30. Mai 2007

Writer's Tools 0.4.0 released

Another day, another release of the Writer's Tools extension. This version includes the Google Translate command that allows users to quickly translate selected text fragments between different languages using the Google Translate service. Get Writer's Tools here.

25. Mai 2007

Writer's Tools 0.3.1 released

Hot on the heels on the 0.2.1 release arrives Writer's Tools 0.3.1. This version adds Multi-format Backup macro that saves the currently opened Writer document in the Word, RTF, and TXT formats. The backup files are stored in a separate folder with a date stamp. On Linux, the macro also archives the resulting folder using the tar utility. Download Writer Tools 0.3.1

24. Mai 2007

Writer's Tools 0.2.1 released

Writer's Tools is an OpenOffice.org extension that includes the following macros:

  • Lookup Tool allows you to lookup the currently selected word in several online references, including Cambridge Dictionaries, WordNet, and Google Define.
  • Email Backup can be used to quickly send a backup copy of the currently opened document to a specified email address.
  • Open FTP Document allows you to open a document stored on an FTP server and work on it locally.
The Writer's Tools extension is released under GNU GPL, and it can be downloaded here.

11. Mai 2007

Extending OpenOffice.org: Article #5

As with Firefox, you can add new features and extend OpenOffice.org's functionality by installing extensions. Here some of the most useful ones to try. Continue to read

10. Mai 2007

Extending OpenOffice.org: Article #4

One of the features that many users dearly miss in OpenOffice.org is a grammar checker. Fortunately, LanguageTool fills the void, adding grammar-checking capabilities to OpenOffice.org. Continue to read

9. Mai 2007

Extending OpenOffice.org: Article #3

One of the less well-known features of OpenOffice.org is its ability to run as a service. You can put that ability to some clever use. For example, you can turn OpenOffice.og into a conversion engine and use it to convert documents from one format to another via a Web-based interface or a command-line tool. JODConverter can help you to unleash OpenOffice.org's file conversion capabilities. Continue to read

8. Mai 2007

Extending OpenOffice.org: Article #2

Although OpenOffice.org doesn't allow you to create self-running Impress presentations, there is a tool that can help you with that. Using IndeView, you can convert your Impress presentations into a self-contained package that can run off a CD or DVD on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Continue to read

7. Mai 2007

Extending OpenOffice.org article series on Linux.com

This week, Linux.com publishes a series of five articles on extending OpenOffice.org. The first article, Creating template and AutoText extensions, is available for your reading pleasure.