4. Oktober 2007

Writer's Tools released

Here is what's new in this release:
  • Word Source reference added to the Lookup tool.
  • Fixed a few serious bugs in Google Translate.
  • Improved default browser detection on Windows.
As always, the new version is available from its official page or directly from the Google Code page.

1 Kommentar:

CV hat gesagt…

I tried to send a question to the writer's tools group but it bounced, seems like the group is dead. Here is my question:

I wonder how the timer is to be used, besides recording the elapsed time for a single session. When I tried it, it offered to save the session, and then I would have expected to be able to retrieve the session and continue on, adding up the time spent on a document in different sessions. You would normally want to be able to start and stop the timer and pick up again later, and keep track of the total time. How do you retrieve a session and start it again, and see the full record of timings? I don't see where it might be saved or how to open it again, all I can do is start a new session, stop it, save it, and it's gone. Surely there must be a way to use it as you would expect?