20. Juni 2007

Writer's Tools 0.8.5 released

Another day, another version of Writer's Tools. The new release adds the Remote Backup tool that allows you to quickly save a backup copy of the current document on a FTP server. The Open FTP Document tool has been from the Writer's Tools menu, but it's still there in the extension. So if you need it, you can easily add it to the main toolbar or a menu. The new version is available from its official page or directly from the Google Code page.


Mark Schmitt hat gesagt…

Is there a way to use the e-mail backup tool if you are not running an e-mail app, e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird? I use gmail, and even if I make gmail the default e-mail app using gmail notifier, it doesn't seem to apply outside of the browser, and this extension doesn't work. If I load Thunderbird, all is fine, and a Thunderbird screen pops up. But that shouldn't be necessary, should it?

Dmitri Popov hat gesagt…

In its current form, the Email Backup tool relies on an external desktop email client simply because OpenOffice.org can't send emails by itself. However, I'll see whether it's possible to send backups using something like Blat (http://www.blat.net/) on Windows.